Gellert double basses are made with special care and industry-leading detailed work, using the
highest quality materials sourced globally. The eventual objective is to achieve the most optimal
combination of quality sound and aesthetic appearance.
New Gellert double basses offer various choices to our customers to satisfy even the most peculiar
customer needs: new or antiqued finish, choice from a wide range of quality materials, wood types, string lengths, mensur and any other special tailor-made request.
We accommodate all kinds of special requests and indulge ourselves in the joy of achievement and
the thrill of our create effort. Please get in touch for more information.

Viennese five string Mathias Thir copy

Copy of a Johann Christoph Leidolff double bass

New antiqued Mathias Thir copy with removable c-extension

Copy of a John Thomas Hart english double bass

Giacomo Rivolta italian double bass copy

Authentic style Mathias Thir copy in Viennese tuning

Six stringed double bass – a quite personal order

Ladislaus Caspar, Gasparo Da Salo copy five stringed double bass

Baroque double bass, Mathias Thir modell

Gellert Baroque double bass