With almost a decade of experience behind us, we offer a full range of services to take care of your
double bass, from smaller repairs to the most complex general restorations. Based on our
experience, with proper planning and detailed work even a hopelessly damaged double bass can be fully restored.
We document and save the major steps of the restoration process, and this documentation is also
accessible later.
If you need a restoration on your double bass, get in touch with us for further details. Also in need an urgent double bass repair in Budapest call us for an appointment.
If you have difficulty bringing or sending your double bass to our workshop just let us know and we will be delighted to assist. We have well established relationships and lots of experience in
transporting instruments globally with fully insured reputable logistics suppliers.

Giacomo Rivolta double bass general restoration

Francois Pillement (1758-1830) Mirecourt general restoration

Fausto Casalini restoration

Neuner & Hornsteiner double bass restoration

Viennese double bass complete restoration

Peter Teufelsdorfer 1784-1845

217 cracks on a beautiful german double bass

Matthias Thir double bass general restoration

Mittenwald double bass restoration for the Hungarian State Opera

Very damaged viennese double bass scroll restoration

General restoration on a Thomas Calow, English double bass

General restoration on a James Cole double bass, Manchester, circa 1860. Ödön Rácz testing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEqhVdcGGQQ

General restoration on a beautiful old Italian double bass by Pietro Pallotta, Perugia 1790

Jacques Lafleur, Paris, around 1790